Interested in getting involved? There are different ways that you as an individual can get involved to work with us for a greater good. Even smaller contributions don’t seem like much, but if we all work together and add up all of these contributions, it makes a big difference!

Communicate With Your Local Governments

Governments have the power to protect large areas of natural resources such as forests. However, big business such as land developers may put pressure on your representatives to go easy on environmental restrictions. Write a letter to your representatives today and have your voice heard about environmental legislation.


Become A Fundraiser For Us

Fundraising is an important factor in our efforts to creating a cleaner environment through planting trees. We do our best, but always welcome help in this area. Do you have a passion for supporting environmental projects? Do you live in a community and have a network of family and friends? Then this could be an awesome way for you to make your contribution for a greener planet. We have resources available to you to aid you in your fundraising efforts. Tax benefits are also available. Not to mention, fundraising is a great way to raise awareness about deforestation and climate change issues in your community. All it takes is some enthusiasm, a bit of planning, and you are on your way to making an impact!

Go Carbon Free

Reducing your emissions is an important part of combating climate change. One of our goals is to educate people about the importance of trees related to climate change and we encourage everyone to become aware of their energy usage, how it is effecting our environment, and the steps that you can take to reduce emissions that benefits you.




Whether small or large, your donation is very important to us. As of 2017, the world population is estimated to be around 7.4 billionĀ according to the US Census Bureau and continues to steadily rise. So, even a small donation of $10 would make a great difference in helping us accomplish our goals to plant more trees around the world. the more trees we plant, the more benefits that we can attain for humanity and the planet through increasing diversification of wildlife, more food and medicines, and oxygen for us to breathe. Donate today!



If you are passionate about environmental sustainability, planting trees, and solving climate change, then you are the person we are looking for! Lungs For Earth is happy to bring on board passionate and enthusiastic volunteers from around the world to join us. We are looking for volunteers to help us with managing events, community and school outreach, planting trees, and other functions for our organization to inspire others to take action to care for our environment. If you are interested, please use our contact form and send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.