How It All Started

I was snorkeling off the east coast of Florida at the exact location where I had been just ten years earlier. I witnessed a loss of 40 to 50% of the reef life in that area, it was so shocking it became a life changing revelation.

On another occasion and during an annual snorkeling trip at Crystal River in Florida I noticed the green native grasses that the Manatees had been eating in previous years were gone. A brown moss like plant was now drifting along the bottom of the canals and waterways. The Manatees were eating it and I suspected the nutritional value was far less then rich native grasses. That winter a record number of Manatees died.

These events combined with an affinity for nature supported by a business background ultimately lead me to one conclusion. While environmental organizations were winning battles they were clearly losing the war to save Earth. Thereafter I began developing a synergistic network of organizations and events to create an unstoppable environmental revolution.

Realizing the need to fully empower and unite all organizations and individuals we began building a fully inclusive infrastructure. Ultimately we would create turnkey business solutions to fully network and empower all like-minded organizations and individuals with one common goal – to save Earth.

Our Vision

We can combat global warming and clean our air with every tree we plant. Lungs Of Earth is a global tree planting initiative aimed at cleaning our air and cooling our planet by planting trees.

Lungs Of Earth will provide everything necessary to help individuals and groups to begin a local tree-planting mission. From the proper selection of trees to general planting instructions Lungs Of Earth will help insure the success of your tree-planting project.

Today, air pollution contaminants are the primary reason why children and adults alike are developing a higher number of lung diseases, asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis then ever before.

While pharmaceutical companies create billions of blue and purple pills to provide relief to our growing health problems the public needs to seek prevention rather then medication.

People from all walks of life can stand shoulder to shoulder to help replant Earth. In doing so we will send a loud and clear message to both big business and politicians.

The people are the real stewards of Earth and as such it is our responsibility to protect the Lungs Of Earth: Our Trees.

We can make a difference. Join our tree planting initiative!